Sam & Angie

Sam & Angie
“Particularly fine is Margaret Sweatman’s Sam and Angie. Sweatman won well-deserved recognition for her previous novel, Fox… and her new novel is equally engaging… What makes the novel so gripping, I think is Sweatman’s sophisticated handling of the politics of domesticity, and the elegance, precision, and beauty with which the story is told. Indeed, on the basis of her first two novels, I would be inclined to argue that Sweatman may well be poised to become one of the country’s most important and innovative chroniclers of domesticity.”
Letters in Canada, 1996

Turnstone Press, 1996

“Margaret Sweatman’s clean and elegant prose precisely portrays the politics of a relationship in decline, and the cold passion which exists just under the surface of Sam and Angie’s world – an architectural world of glass barriers devoid of real human contact.”

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